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We offer services from concept design, design development, technical design, acting as the client’s agent for Planning consultation and submissions. We also offer project management.

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We respect the hierarchy and important relationships between architecture and interior design. We consider layout, space planning, color schemes, furniture, and fittings to suit each environment and integrate interior schemes from initial stages of the project that complement and create harmony. We will discuss a comprehensive approach on how we can help you to reimagine one room or your entire project



We deliver all our projects in BIM by default and use a range of BIM enabled software for 2D documentation and 3D ‘information-rich’ modeling. Our flexible approach to BIM enables us to satisfy different project requirements. We will use everything from Building Information Modelling (BIM) software to gaming engines and virtual reality to test architecture and interior design. We are committed to constantly exploring the benefits of BIM and other technology, to improve design, reduce risk and bring added value for our clients.

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